95% of all wireless facilities leases can be terminated at any time with no penalty

Barkley Tower Capital, LLC has created solutions to help protect the interests of the wireless facilities Property Owners.  Barkley Tower Capital, LLC realizes that the owners of property being leased to wireless telecommunications companies could benefit from converting their lease income into a large, one-time lump sum cash payment.  This is because of the unique way in which wireless telecommunications tower and antenna leases are written.

New Technologies could eliminate the need for wireless towers in as little as 5 to 10 years

These leases, which are used to secure the property rights under wireless facilities, are essentially short-term lease commitments; meaning that most leases contain clauses that allow the wireless company to terminate the lease at almost any time, with little or no penalty.  There is no other area of real estate that allows a tenant the broad right to terminate in this manner.

Eliminate the risk of early termination of wireless tower and antenna leases

Why is this clause part of wireless tower and antenna leases?  Because wireless telecommunications technology is changing so rapidly that not even the wireless companies can assure that their lease obligations will be fulfilled.

Secure and enhance your long-term income


The result is that your wireless lease may potentially generate quality long-term income; BUT there is no guaranty that the income will be fully paid.


Convert uncertain leases into cash and obtain immediate access to substantial capital


With these thoughts in mind, Barkley Tower Capital, LLC was created.  Barkley Tower Capital, LLC has developed a marketplace for these lease assets, as well as developed a unique purchase program allowing Property Owners to turn their lease assets into CASH.  And this may all be accomplished without selling or sub-dividing your real property.


Barkley Tower Capital, LLC is a direct purchaser of these assets.  Please note that Barkley Tower Capital, LLC also purchases billboard ground leases, telecommunications roof top leases, billboard towers, telecommunication towers and broadcast towers.  If you would like additional information, please contact us via e-mail (info@barkleytower.com), or call (914) 925-0404.  We would be delighted to speak with you about your wireless lease.